Which Makes More Sense?
Training Your Dog With: 
Hot Dogs, Ham, Chicken and Sausage? 

Or, You Rather Rely on:
Praise * Technique * Leadership * Psychology?

We Have Trained Not Hundreds, But Thousands of Dogs with the 2nd Options. That's Right. Thousands with Long-Lasting Results!!! Even Better; We've Done So With All Breeds and Mixtures. 


A Well-Trained Dog = A Happier Life 🙂

Is Your Dog Getting Annoying?
If So, Keep Reading!!!

Did You Know that 99% of Dog Trainers Are Simply Clueless in:

Training Your Dog WITHOUT Treats 
 Total Off-leash & Distance Control
Solving Over-protectiveness w Dogs

Anybody Can Beat or Bribe Your Dog.

We Don't Break Your Dog.
We Break its Bad Habits!

Here's How Our Master Trainer Can Help YOU!!!


Kevin Can Solve Your Dog's:

 * Biting or Nipping
 * Jumping Up
 * Barking
 * Leash Pulling

To Challenging Issues Like:

 * Potty Training 
 * Stealing Food Off Tables
 * Polite Car Manners
 * Bolting Out / Not Coming

Even Show Off Your Dog's...

 * Not Going Crazy w Your Guests
 * Longer Than a Few Seconds Stay
 * Off Leash and Distance Response
 * Listening Skills Around (Hard-to-Ignore) Real Life Distractions

Do You Really Want Any More...

Peeing and Pooping All Over?
Misbehaving Around Your Guests?
 Fence Fighting the Neighbor's Dog?


 If You Hate Using Treats and Want to Train Your Dog Naturally. 
You Are in the Right Place.

 If You 
Can't Keep Your Dog from Lunging at Dogs or People.
Kevin Can Definitely Help.

Even Embarrassing Issues Such As:

 Attacking Any Dog it Sees
Barking Nonstop
 Playing Keep Away
Not Fully House Broken
 Snapping at Kids or Even--YOU

Face it. It is Highly Unlikely That...

You Can Drag EVERYONE to Classes.
 Deliver the Results a Pro Can.
With Today's Lifestyle, There is NO Time.

Read Kevin's Qualifications:

22 Years of Experience in the Filed. Nothing Wrong w Training Dogs As a Hobby or For Fun, But Kevin Does This For a Living. 

 Have (Successfully) Trained and Rehabilitated Not Hundreds, but Thousands of Different Breeds and Mixtures. 

Specializes in Breaking Difficult Dogs' Bad Habits to Off Leash Obedience Mastery.

 Unlike Most Dog Trainers, Kevin Doesn't Treat the (Owners Like Dogs.) He's easy to work with and is even funny.

Believes and Aims for a Polite but – Trained Dog. (You will get your dog back happy and with his personality. GUARANTEED! Look, if you want a soldier or a robot, look elsewhere. Kevin isn't your guy.)

Lastly, Talk is Cheap. See Him in Action Below:

The Picture Below is a Fake... But Our Video Clips Are REAL!!!


Talk is Cheap. See Us in Action in the Clip Below!

See the Difference Between "Average" and "WOW"!

As you can see, we specialize in (doggie boot camp)! Ours comes with a lifetime guarantee--your weekly dog obedience group classes usually DO NOT. Since in dog boarding and training fashion, you relax and WE do all the hard work for you and give you a (trained dog) back. Period. This program is known as dog board & train or dog training boot camp for your puppy in CA (where you leave your dog to be trained).

Don't Fall For Dumb Training Methods Below!

Ultimately, It Takes Only the Best and the Brightest to Train/Rehabilitate the Worst of the Worst Dogs!Kevin 'The Dog Prodigy'

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
Nicholas T. Sveslosky Editor-in-Chief / CEO FIDO Friendly Magazine

Fido Friendly's CEO--Nicholas Sveslosky with His Black Lab, Tasha

After only a short time with Kevin, I was able to learn how to better connect with my dog Tasha. Kevin has great insight and instinct into what dog guardians need to learn in order to create well behaved dogs as members of our pack."

Doctor Ken Pawlowski President of Sacramento Valley Veterinary Medical Association

...What impresses me most with Kevin is his ability to "understand" a dog's perception and how to capitalize on it. While I have always been comfortable referring clients to Kevin, after experiencing his services first-hand, I am even more confident that he can truly help with most behavior issues with dogs. You don't have to accept problem behaviors - even if they are "not a big deal".


When All Else Fails... We Won't!!!

Thousands of Happy Pet Owners
Nationwide and Counting.




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to Hear the Biggest

Myth About Drop

Off Dog Training.



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We offer topnotch Dog Training in Sacramento. People come to us from all over Northern California. Our doggy boot camp is taught by a real seasoned pro. Most dog owners don’t mind driving their dogs to Sacramento CA because we deliver eyebrow raising results. If you are sick of not seeing progress by private dog trainers or ineffective group classes, boarding your dog while being trained w us makes perfect sense.

Unlike most dog trainers in Sacramento area, Kevin Salem guarantees both of his board and train programs. In fact, even with a puppy or an adult dog, Kevin's drop off dog training is getting more popular than ever. If you are confused, dog camp or puppy camp is the same concept as send away dog training.

Again, if you are tired of one-on-one canine training lessons by so-called dog experts that didn’t work, dog lodging aka puppy boot camp is your best choice. Our dog obedience camp is custom made for your dog’s individual needs.

Please continue reading about the best dog obedience school in Sacramento region. Our dog boarding and training option in second to none.