8 Red Flags of The WORST Dog Trainers – Here is How to Spot Them!!!


They Are Just Rude, Pushy AND Condescending 

As soon as you get them on the phone, these trainers will judge you based on what breed of dog you got. Why you spoiled it so much? Why you wasted time to adopt, took over ownership, or waited this long? Or-

How Could You Be So Dumb???

Well, not all of them will say it in those exact words, but you will definitely sense it in their tone.

Look, at least you are NOW seeking help and plain refuse to give up on your poor dog!

Bottom line, if you don’t get a good vibe from them on the phone, their website, or how they responded to your e mail, take your business somewhere else.

It’s not fun to be stuck with him/her for weeks or even months down the road. By the same token, I’ve met hundreds of sweet trainers with amazing people skills who came with awful dog training skills and very poor knowledge of dog psychology. 


They Rely Heavily on Treats for E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G

Don’t be one of those people who give their dogs treats just for being alive. You will get far more out of the training when you use food when your dog least expects it. Even better- 

Surprise your pooch with some yummy treats at the VERY END of your training sessions.

That is what smart training is all about. Otherwise it’s bribery.

How else would YOU label it? If you always have to pull out the goodies prior giving a command, sorry, your dog is not listening to you. It’s the cut up hot dogs talking.  

Chances are you already have been wasting your time with this nonsense (bribery method!) Hey, even children can do it. Doesn’t take much skill or talent to hold treats in front of a dog and yell out commands.  

Ultimately your dog should listen to YOU because you said so.  Because you are his provider, his teacher, his friend, his leader-NOT the briber-in-chief! 


They Only Teach and Focus on the “Obedience” Factor

I’ve been doing this 22 years now. You know what’s funny? I rarely get calls from people asking me to teach their dogs how to: Sit, Come, Stay, Down or Heel command.

Here is why: Dog owners may care about those commands, but these issues are driving them crazy:

Jumping Up, Biting, Barking, Bolting, Potty training, Stealing Food, Separation Anxiety, Leave the Cat Alone to Overprotectiveness.

You guessed it. I specialize in breaking bad habits and behavioral issues.

The majority of dog trainers waste your time teaching strictly commands. 

When you really think about it. You’ll agree that the obedience component is not even on top of your list. Or is it? Again, I am speaking from two decades of dealing with thousands of cases. 


Good Luck Getting a Call Back or ANY Type of Response

This is just common courtesy. Of course I cannot and will not answer my phone 2am or while I’m in a lesson, but I welcome you all to give me a try. (You can call me 24/7. I mean it.)

The majority of trainers and dog schools rarely pick up their phone or even worse, they will leave you hanging. This is just a sad reality.

I admit. I have been a bit burned out over the years that I’ve worked thousands of cases. But I still love the HELPING aspect of it.

I was born to help people with their dog problems.

To me, it is more than just paying bills. It is my calling and my passion. 


They Tell You to Ignore Your Dog’s Bad Behavior

Yes, you read it correctly. Totally ignore your dog’s jumping up, barking, constant pawing, whimpering or whatever that makes you go insane and WAIT until he stops on its own. True story. I am not making this up. 

Hmm… isn’t that the same as not doing Jack?!?! Why then even bother hiring an expert? Anybody can ignore it or look away.

How about YOUR bad habits?

Do you think they will magically solve themselves if you ignore them? Then how can your dog’s?

Most likely the same trainers will advise you to never ever say NO to your dog. Their solution: Try saying “Eh-eh” or even worse, bark, growl or yelp like a puppy. Sorry. But NO, means NO, means NO!!!


They Are Old School and Harsh with Their Training

Look, we all know every dog is different. However, the breeds that need a firmer approach, doesn’t mean that they need their butts kicked. I always say: Anybody can bribe or beat a dog. That’s not training. It’s bribery or abuse.

So please, no hitting, yelling, hanging or slamming your poor dog on its back to prove your point.

Honestly, the only time you need to go to this extreme is to save yourself, a loved one, or another pet from being viciously mauled. And never ever let no trainer go crazy on your dog like that. 


They Will NOT Let You Try a Different Training Tool

You always hear trainers preach: Never use choke chains, only gentle leaders, no pinch collars in our class, we only use shock collars (oh, sorry, e-collar, or remote training collar, is their lingo) and yada yada.

Here is the cold hard fact:

NO training tool works every time, on every dog, with every pet owner and in every situation.

Please read that sentence again and let it really marinate. 

Is it wrong to experiment and never limit your options? Isn’t your goal to find the one tool that gets your dog’s attention no matter how stubborn your dog may be or how tempting the distraction???

Then that training tool better stop your dog from misbehaving around other dogs, your guests, cats, kids, squirrels or even when he is playing keep away.

Now, if someone wants to sound smart by insisting that they know better, challenge them by handing over your dog’s leash and say:

“Here, please show me what you’ve got and the tool in which you swear by. And it better work right NOW. Right THIS second!”

(Hint: That’s how you’ll know if the tool is getting your dog’s attention. It will work immediately. It won’t take eight weeks or so. Eight seconds is more like it.)


They Are Shady and Rarely Check on Your Progress

This is where you find out about someone’s morals and ethics. Let’s see how responsive are they with questions and concerns AFTER you already paid them or after that credit card transaction goes through.

For example, there are many trainers who cheat you out of your hard-earned-money with fake lifetime follow-ups. When you read the fine print on their contract, you’ll find that it was only a lifetime of phone consultation. What are you going to do? Put Fido on the phone w the trainer and have a talk with him? LOL

Hey, there are crooks in every field and dog training isn’t any different.

Written by Master Trainer and Author, Kevin “The Dog Prodigy”.


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