10 Best & Worst Trainers – How to Spot Them Like a Pro!!!

!!! Spot the WORST Dog Trainers Like a Pro!!!


They Are Rude, Pushy AND Condescending 

These guys may love your dog and your money, but they can’t stand people and in my honest opinion, should be in a different field.

Let’s face it; if you don’t get a good vibe from someone or their website, on the phone, or even in person, look elsewhere. You’ll be stuck with them for weeks or even months down the road.

By the same token, I’ve met hundreds of sweet trainers who were absolutely clueless in delivering real results.


They Rely Heavily on the Use of Treats for Everything

Don’t be one of those owners who can’t do much without holding a cookie. It’s best to use goodies once in a while and as a surprise.

Even better, use them at the VERY END of your training sessions. If you show your dog the treat prior to giving a command, sorry, your dog is actually listening because of THAT treat.

What else would you call it? (Your dog should listen to you because you said so and because you are his provider!)


They Only Know or Focus the Most on Teaching “Obedience”

This is where the trainers are great at teaching your dog how to walk on a loose leash, stay for a few seconds or lie down, but they don’t specialize in solving behavioral issues.

I’m talking about being able to solve your dog’s over-protectiveness towards other dogs, towards people, anxiety, get it completely house-trained, stop it from jumping up, to barking, fighting, nipping, biting and to manage his fearfulness.


They Push For Group Classes and Hate Doing Private Lessons

Even the most skilled and experienced trainers can’t do much in a group setting. This is just a fact:

Every dog owner comes with their own separate set of problems.

In these classes is where dogs lunge at each other, bark, growl, whimper, pull on the leash, or even try to attack one another constantly.

How is this productive? All you’ll end up with is a dog that might listen in the class, but runs the show at home or may listen at home, but makes you look like an idiot in front of total strangers.

(All Petsmart, Petco and Eight Week Park Group Classes Fall into This Category.)


They Won’t Give You References or Let You Observe a Class

Okay. Although you rarely accomplish much in a group class, a trainer should still let you observe any class of your choosing.

It’s even worse if they refuse to give out any references. Look, if you do a great job, people naturally rave about you.

So if a trainer is offended or gets mad at you when you ask for a reference—definitely count that as another red flag and take your business somewhere else!


They Refuse to Get Everyone Involved with the Training

If the trainer becomes annoyed or upset when others in your family want to be involved in training, this indicates they want all the pressure on you.

Think about it, don’t you want your dog to obey EVERYONE in your household? So what will end up happening is a dog that may listen only to one family member and become a pain in the behind for everyone else.

I am willing to bet money that you’ll notice this once that person who was involved all along isn’t nearby, or worse, out of town.


They Tell You to Ignore Your Dog’s Bad Behavior

Yes, you read it correctly. They tell you to ignore your dog’s jumping up, barking or whatever and WAIT until your dog actually stops on its own.

Hmm… isn’t that the same as not doing Jack?!?! Why even hire an expert in the first place if you can just ignore every bad behavior?

Oh, the same trainers might also recommend that you never ever say NO to your dog. Their solution: Try saying “Eh-eh” or even worse, bark, growl or yelp like a puppy. Sorry. But NO, means NO, means NO!!!


They Are too Harsh with Their Training Method.

Every dog is different. However, those that need a firmer approach, don’t need to get their ass kicked.

So please, no hitting, yelling, hanging or slamming your poor dog on its back to prove your point. The only time you need to go to this extreme is to save yourself, a loved one, or a pet from being viciously mauled.


They Will NOT Let You Try a Different Training Tool

You always hear trainers preach: Never use choke chains, only gentle leaders, no pinch collars in our class, we only use shock collars (oh, sorry, e-collar, or remote training collar, is their lingo) and yada yada.

The truth is, no tool works every time, on every dog and with every owner.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and never limit your options. Find the one tool that gets your dog’s attention no matter how tempting the distraction may be.

This simply means that particular tool should stop your dog from misbehaving around other dogs, cats, kids, squirrels or moving cars.

If someone insists that they know better, challenge them by handing over your dog’s leash and say:

“Here, please show me what you’ve got and the tool you swear by. And it better work right NOW!”

(Hint: That’s how you’ll know if the tool is getting your dog’s attention. It will work immediately. It won’t take eight weeks. Eight seconds is more like it.)


They Rarely Return Your Calls or Check on Your Progress.
(Especially Once They CASHED Your Check!)

This is where you find out about someone’s morals and ethics. How responsive are they AFTER you already paid them or after that credit card transaction goes through?

For example, there are many trainers who cheat you out of your money with fake lifetime follow-ups. When you read the fine print on their contract, you’ll find that it was only a lifetime of phone consultation.

Hey, there are crooks in every field and dog training isn’t any different.

Written by Master Trainer and Author, Kevin “The Dog Prodigy”.

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