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Besides Sacramento CA, You Don't Have Any Other Locations?
Why Would My Dog Listen to 'Me' When YOU Trained Him?
What Age is Too Young or Too Old to Start the Training?
How Many Years of Experience Kevin Has in His Field?
How Can I Be Sure that My Dog is (Truly Trained) Before I Come Back?
My dog full on attacks and have bit a few people. Can you still accept him?
What is Your Training Method and Philosophy?
What Can You Teach or Help Me with that I Can't Do Myself?
Can I Fly Kevin Outside CA for a Fee and if So, How Does that Work?
I am Sick of My Dog Chewing Everything Up. Can You Help?
What Does Your Training Program Entail?
What's Wrong with Using Treats? I See and Read About it Everywhere.
Why Would My Dog Listen to 'Me' When YOU Are the Who Trained it?
Which Training Tools Do You Allow or Forbid in Your Training?
What Can You Possibly Teach a Puppy as Young as 7 or 8 Wk Old?
Can I Meet with Kevin or Have Him Look at Our Dog Prior Starting?
What is THE Best and Fastest Way to Get Started?
Why is Off-leash training (Distance Verbal Response) So Important?
Do You Use Shock Collars to Train?
What Questions and Concerns Will Be Covered in Our 1st Lesson?
How Many Times a Day Do You Work with My Dog and Is That Enough?
Not Every Dog School Accepts Pups that Young. Why Is It that You Do?
What Does Exactly Your Lifetime Membership Mean?