Why Choose Us

Five Hard-to-Match Reasons that Make Us Unique:

1. Unlike 97% of dog trainers out there who train dogs as a hobby and for fun, our head instructor and author is a professional who does this for a living.

You see, when you are working with a pro, you naturally will NOT sacrifice quality and will see results.

2. Whether you have an 8-week-old pup or an 18-year-old grouch, we accept them all.

We can help solve your dog’s: Jumping Up, Play-biting, Potty-training, Barking, Bolting Out, Leash Pulling or even his Overprotectiveness.

3. We don’t make using treats mandatory. In fact, studies have proven that you’ll get much better and long-term results when you give your dog the treats WITHOUT showing it.

To be more clear, do so at the very “end” of your training sessions. This will ensure that your dog is responding to you and not to bribery.

4. The ultimate level of dog training is complete off-leash and distance control of your dog.

To put it bluntly, you should be able to have control over your dog with just with your “voice” around other dogs, cats, squirrels or kids playing. We will make sure you enjoy the pleasure of a dog that is under your total verbal anywhere and any time.

5. We even offer unlimited lifetime support. That’s right! Not just 8 weeks and you’re done. Just in case you are facing new challenges down the line, we are always here to help.

Let’s face it. Training dogs, and I’m talking about REAL legit dog training,
that gets you real “solid results” is an art.

It really is. In fact, this is one of those rare arts that
even those who refer themselves as “trainers,” have not yet fully mastered.

So we can honestly label them as–“Secrets!” After all, If they weren’t secrets,
don’t you think we’d see more super-trained dogs everywhere?

Hey, everybody would know how to do it
and we all would have polite dogs with no bad habits.

–Kevin the Dog Prodigy