Dog Boot Camp in Los Angeles

What to Expect in a Doggie Boot Camp: Most dog training schools that offer this service charge you for boarding, training as well as maybe follow up lessons or even house calls. In our doggy boot camp, follow ups are included.

Make sure you are paying for results and NOT just weeks and weeks of your poor dog being away from you. Zeddicus focuses on the outcome and your exact goals and expectations.

Whether that may be solving your dog’s: Jumping Up, Play-biting, Barking, Leash Pulling, Potty Training or Your Dog Acting Protective Towards Dogs, Strangers or Even Family Members.

Unlike others, our dog boarding and training also comes w doggy daycare. So your dog gets the best of both worlds. You even get to see your four legged friends on the camera free of charge.

For more info about our puppy boot camp in Los Angeles area, please click on Dog Boot Camp section. We don’t just serve Los Angeles but all SoCal Territory.

AUTHOR: Zeddicus King

Zeddicus King. Seasoned a Dog Trainer of 25 yrs. He is Located in Los Angeles Specializing in Dog Boot Camp for All Breeds and Mixtures. Unlike Most Doggie Boot Camps in the Region, His Comes w a Lifetime Guarantee AND House Calls. Dog Training Boot Camp, Doggie Boot Camp aka Doggy Boot Camp or Dog Boarding w Training Are All the Same Concept.