One trainer charges 15 grand and keeps your dog for months. That’s right. Fifteen. Grand. That’s a decent sedan. If Zeddicus charged that much, your dog better play the freaking piano when you get him back. That is IF he ever remembers you. HA HA HA

WOOF: Unlike other dog boot camps, Zedd makes SURE that your dog will listen to you and others in your household. Other dog boarding and training in Los Angeles if you’re not happy, they ask you to bring the dog back and leave it with them. Folks, it’s a dog NOT a car or a computer crying out loud. That’s why Zeddicus guarantees results around dogs, your guests, your cat, your kids or even skateboarders.

Call or Text Zeddicus 24/7.
He Loves His Work and Doesn’t Mind At All:

(310) 294 0804


E Mail: King Zeddicus at Gee Mail Dot Com But please, Don’t e mail to Ask about his rates again. Scroll up on this page. All three plans are listed. 🙂

(310) 294-0804(310) 294-0804