NO Dog is Too Young or Too Old to STOP Being Annoying.

Read That Line Once Again. Please.

By Zeddicus King: Los Angeles

Think about it. Is your dog REALLY too young to stop peeing and pooping all over, stop his jumping up, stop biting on you and barking nonstop? Is your dog too old to stop charging at dogs, people or when you have company over? And you’ve been brainwashed into thinking that he or she is being PROTECTIVE.

Umm… NOPE. Your dog is being a jerk, possessive, reactive a bully or an ass.

You know I’m right there. How about stealing things, running off, barking at anything and everything and terrorizing your poor cat? Which dumbass told you that your dog is a hopeless case? That you can’t teach an old dog new trick. But are we talking about tricks here though? Hahaha….

I am talking about getting your sanity back:

  • Peeing and Pooping All Over
  • Jumping Up Constantly
  • Biting Nonstop
  • Stealing Food
  • Snapping, Chasing, Growling…

Maybe your dog is guarding and snapping at YOU or your loved ones???

So if your dog is say 10 weeks old. You can’t change that behavior? Of course you can and I am one of them. How about a 10 yr old dog that is biting dogs, attacking people, trying to kill your cat?

Bottom line, don’t worry. There is always hope and once you work w an expert who truly knows what they’re doing. The rest is history.


Zeddicus King Accepts Pups As Young As 10 Weeks in His House Calls Program. Or 10 yrs and Older at His Dog Boot Camp in Los Angeles Ca and SoCal Region


AUTHOR: Zeddicus King

Zeddicus King. Seasoned a Dog Trainer of 25 yrs. He is Located in Los Angeles Specializing in Dog Boot Camp for All Breeds and Mixtures. Unlike Most Doggie Boot Camps in the Region, His Comes w a Lifetime Guarantee AND House Calls. Dog Training Boot Camp, Doggie Boot Camp aka Doggy Boot Camp or Dog Boarding w Training Are All the Same Concept.