Dog Boot Camp Los Angeles
(A Polite Dog = A Happy Life!)


dog board and train los angelesMost Dog Trainers Don’t Know
SH*T About F*CK. Ha Ha Ha…



You Prefer to Train with:


 * Hot Dogs * Chicken *
* Cheese * Ham * Bacon Strips!?

OR. . .


It’s Smarter AND Healthier to Try:


Praise * Leadership * Technique *
* Diversity * Psychology? 

Zedd Fixes Allllll These:


* Play-Biting

* Jumping Up 

* Counter Surfing

* Barking

* Being Protective

Even Serious Issues: 


* Charging at Dogs

* Potty Training

 * Biting  Your Family

* Not Coming When Called


4 Tempting Reasons Why Zedd’s Dog Boot is Smart!


1. NO Time for Cookie Trainers or Time-Consuming Classes.

2. Your Technique SSSSUKS!!! Let Me Correct Your Laughable Mistakes.

3. You’re Smart but Frustrated and Want Real Long-term Results. Hey, You’ve Tried it All.

4. Constant Tension and Arguments in Your Home Over the Darn Dog.

Don’t Get Rid of Your Poor Dog.
Get Rid of the Problems

We Never Ask You to Hit, Bribe or Bark at Your Dog

If Your Dog is Getting Annoying, You Are at the Right Place. We Only Offer Dog Boot Camp w Follow Up In-Home Lessons. That’s it. NO. Group Training. Sorry. Cause Dog Training Classes Rarely Work on Stubborn Dogs. They Focus on Obedience Only. I Teach Manners Backed by Canine Psychology. Jumping Up, Barking, Biting, Being Protective, Bolting Out the Door, Counter Surfing, Shyness, Dog-to-dog Aggression–All Can Be Addressed in My Doggie Boot Camp. 

Doggie Boot Camp in Los Angeles

Don’t Just Kennel Your Dog or Rely on Some Nice but Clueless Dog Sitter. Our Doggy Boot Camp Makes Perfect Sense. You Basically Get a Trained Dog While You Walk Away for a Bit and Take Alll the Credit. Admit. You-Just-Can’t-Do-it w THIS Dog. Hey, If Training Dogs Was Easy, You’d See Well-Behaved Dogs All Over.  Click Here For Doggie Boot Camp at Los Angeles

See the Difference Between Average and WOWWW in the Clip Above.