The only time Zeddicus recommends using treats is if your dog is fearful of your, aggressive or you are teaching it cute tricks. That. Is. It.

Be Realistic. It is highly unlikely that your dog is terrified of you, or you are preparing your dog for a TV show to perform bunch of cute tricks.

Look, there is nothing wrong with surprising your dog w yummy treats once in a while, but always do so at the very end of your training session.

Meaning, you made your dog sit a few times, stay a few times, heel or whatever and only then you should reward it with some food. Otherwise, if you give treats before each command, you. are. bribing. What else would you
call it?

Think About it… Do you put in the hours first or you get your check first? NO. You earn your paycheck by working. It’s the same concept if you want to be smart and effective in training your pooch.

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