Doggie Boot Camp in Los Angeles 

It’s a Dog
NOT a Dragon!!!
We Only Need 10 Days w Your Dog.



* Too Busy to Train Your Dog

* Leaving Town and Need Boarding Anyway

* Preparing for a Big Gathering or Party

* Mother-to-Be or Recoving from a Surgery

Or Even Worse:


* Always Arguing Over Your Dog

* The Behavior is Actually Getting WORSE

 * Can’t Really Get ANY Work Done 

 * Full Time Mom and the Dog is ALSO Kicking Your Butt.

Boot Camp Bashers?
!!! SHUT UP !!!



What Do Dogs For the Blind, Hunting Dogs and Attack Trained Dogs Have in Common? They ALL Got Their Training by an Expert First. And THEN the Owner(s) Came in the Picture to Learn How to Maintain Their Dog’s Training.


Let That Sink in For a Sec. Guys, If You Can Teach a Dog to Help its Blind Owner on its Daily Tasks, Teach it to Bring a Bird from Half a Mile Away–AND not eat it.  Train a Dog to ONLY Bite on Command and Never Go for the Face…


.. Teaching Your Unruly Dog to Stop it’s:


Jumping, Barking, Bolting, Nipping, Snapping, Charging or to Get Housebroken and Off-Leash Trained–All of a Sudden Seem Like Pretty Minor and Even Laughable Stuff. Wouldn’t You Agree? LOL 

Zeddicus Will Give Your Dog Back-

100% TRAINED!!! 

If So, Zeddicus Offers Two
Boot Camp Dog Training:

Boot Camp Only

I Fix ALL These Bad Habits:


  •  Jumping Up & Play-biting
  •  Barking & Whining
  •  Leash Pulling
  •  Aggrrrrrrresion
  •  Overprotective w Strangers 
  •  Charging at Dogs
  •  Serious Major Bites
  •  Guarding and Snapping
  •  Off-Leash Response
  •  Potty Training Secrets that WORK

PRICE: Only 2,900 – Dog Boot Camp – 10-14 Days – Lifetime Guarantee and Follow-Ups. For Any Future Lessons, You Come to Us. (But If You Prefer Brush Up Sessions in Your Home or Location of Your Choice, Next Plan is What You Need.) 

puppy boot camp los angeles
Our Eyebrow Raising Yelp Reviews Go Back to 2006!!
 Thats Right. 220+ Five Star Yelp Reviews. Click Here to See His Impressive Reviews. As You Can See, Dog Boarding w Training is Our Niche.


We Only Offer Dog Boot Camp Strictly in Los Angeles 

Boot Camp PLUS House Calls
Best For (Sweet & Psycho) Dogs


  • Being Protective or Possessive Around You
  • Attacking and Lunging at Any Dog it Sees
  • Goes After Guests, Visitors and BITES
  • BitYou, Your Kid, Spouse or Other Dog
  • Guards Food, Toys or Anything From You
  • Major Dog Fights in Your Household
  • Afraid to Move Your Dog Off Bed or Couch
  • Worry What He’ll Do If He Gets Loose
  • Distance Response (Especially w Real-Life Distractions)
  • Bother Your Poor Kitty or Worse, Tries to Kill it
  • Chasing Joggers, Cars, Cats, Squirrels, Skateboarders
  • Bolting Out or Playing Keep Away
  • Fence Fighting w the Neighbor’s Dog(s)
  • Serious Bites that (Broke/Breaks the Skin)

PRICE: Only 4,500 – Our Dog Prodigy Will Come to YOU for Follow-Ups. If You Prefer In-Home Lesson(s) After Boot Camp This. Is. It!!! (WOOF: The First Lesson aka The Pick Up Session is NOT in Your Home) 


STICKER SHOCK: There Are Dog Schools that Charge 6 to 15 Thousand for Dog Boot Camp. I Wish I Was Making This Up. Hey, That’s a Decent Sedan. LOL. Don’t Kid Yourself. Unpredictable Means Just THAT-Unpredictable. That’s Why Follow Up Lessons in Your Home or Location of Your Choice Makes Perfect Sense. Normal Dogs Don’t Normally: Charge, Snap, Growl, Bite, Break the Skin, Attack or Lose Their S**t As Soon As They Spot a Dog on Leash. Which is Why In-Home Follow-Ups Are Essential 


Don’t Put Up with a Psycho Dog that Will Snap, Growl, Bite, Charge, Show Teeth or Full on Attack.

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Takes Dogs in His Camp All the Time

He calls it dogs in rehab. Rehabilitation or Boot Camp for Dogs, it’s the same concept. With our Doggie Boot Camp–your dog WILL remain trained and well-mannered for life. Unlike Other Dog Training Boot Camps in Los Angeles, Zeddicus gives you a Written Guarantee.


You see, Doggy Boot Camp works much better and faster because most of the hard work is done and over with. Again, Drop off dog training, Send Away Dog Training or Puppy Boot Camp… are all the same concept.  Some refer to them as Dog Board & Train or Dog Boarding with Training.

If you can get to Los Angeles– our Dog Training Boot Camp makes. perfect. sense! Especially if you are fed-up and happen to be super busy.  

Please. Don’t Yell, Hit, or Get Rid of Your Poor Dog. Let Me Help You Train it.

– Zeddicus (The Dog Prodigy) King