Most dog owners are only able to teach their dogs three things:

Sit, Shake or Paw and Roll Over. That’s it. It’s kind of funny. Is any of that truly practical? Even Sit isn’t as important. But a (solid stay) command is. Without working with a real expert, it is very unlikely that you can solve any of these:

* Jumping Up
* Play-biting
* Barking Nonstop
* Dashing Out the Door
* Leash Pulling
* Begging and Whining
* Hyperactivity (As if your dog is on Meth)

And You Definitely Feel Helpless When It Comes To:

* Potty Training
* Separation Anxiety
* Listening Off leash
* Protectiveness Towards Dogs or Your Guests

Don’t feel bad. After all, Zeddicus does this for a living and trains at least 12-15 dogs per week. Face it. Owning bunch of dogs throughout your life STILL doesn’t make you an expert on dog training or canine psychology. So it makes sense to leave it to a seasoned pro.

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