Because they focus more on obedience factor. Zeddicus is a problem solver and helps you with serious behavioral issues.

You see, NO dog expert, no matter how experienced he/she may be, can solve every single one of the following issues in a group setting:

* Potty training
* Jumping and Nipping at Your Kids or Guests
* Attacking Any Dog it Sees
* Counter Surfing or Stealing Food
* Bolting Out the Door
* Fence Fighting w the Neighbor’s Dogs
* Guarding Objects or Food from You
* Car Manners
* Begging, Whining, Scratching at Doors
* Chasing Your Cat
* Your Dog Being Protective of YOU

Again, the list above proves that group classes are designed for polishing up on your dog’s obedience. There is huge difference between obedience and behavioral concerns.

Plus, not everyone in your family can make it for 8 weeks in a row. We hear stories a star student in that group class and a nightmare at home.

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